Medela Freestyle Pouch.

I recently bought myself a Medela Freestyle (a double electric/battery-powered breastpump) because I was returning to work soon and although I love my Phillips-Avent Isis IQ Duo to death, its bulkiness and non-portability kinda crimped my style (well, like I had any haha!). I did not want those factors to affect my EBM productivity so the flexibility and lightness of the Medela Freestyle appealed to me.

However, the FS did not come with its own proper pouch, so I whipped this up one Sunday afternoon. I did not have an appropriate button for it (still don’t have one actually) so I used one of my brooches to secure the flap 🙂 I also made a separate little pocket in the inner lining so that I could keep the FS’s tubing in it without getting it all tangled up with the motor unit.

All in all, a pretty little pouch/cozy that I love so much!


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