The Side Bow-Tie Pillowcase Dress.

I suppose if you were sewing for a girl, a pillowcase dress is always a safe design. It is roomy, can be made from actual old pillowcases, and is very giving in terms of allowances. When made right it can also look very classy.

I have to admit though that out of all the girls’ dresses I have made, a pillowcase dress is one that I find very easy and safe to make. I know I have made the Off Shoulder Dressy Dress a few weeks ago, thinking that I would dress Arya in that for her upcoming birthday party, but somewhere along the line I thought that dress was a bit snug, so I decided to make another dress… just in case.

Side Bow-Tie Pillowcase Dress

Lovely fabrics, don’t you agree? Initially I thought the combination was a bit busy, but it came out rather decent. These two fabrics are by The Quilted Fish under Riley Blake Designs; the red fabric is called Dream in Red while the blue fabric is called Main in Blue, and they are both from the Flutter collection.


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